10 Reasons Why University Students Fail Examination


Reasons why university students fail examination are numerous. According to statistics, 90% of university students don’t enjoy writing exams including you reading this now –just joking by the way. While some students study and pass their exams, others also study and fail their examinations.

There are those that fail believe that their reason for failure is because they are dull and unintelligent but unfortunately that is not always the case because there are some factors that really affect your performances in examinations but you just haven’t taken time to study those factors and work towards finding solutions.

There are various reasons why university students fail their examinations but in this article, I would be explaining to you the 10 most common factors behind poor performances of university students in their examinations. So I advise that you sit down, relax and read carefully so as to understand how these common factors can affect students during examinations.


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10 Reasons Why University students fail in examinations.

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1. Poor Mindset : This is one of the most common reasons why university students fail examinations. Most students lack the ability to believe in themselves which can be attributed wholly to low self-esteem.

Some students just believe in their hearts that whether they read or not, they would still fail the exam. So because of that mindset, they tend to be nonchalant and fail woefully since they believe that they were destined to fail the exams.

2. Laziness: I’m pretty sure that you can agree with me on this particular one because it’s common amongst everyone. Laziness has hindered a lot of people from reaching their goal and accomplishing their dreams including university students.

Students who are lazy are prone to failing their exams because they would find it difficult to attend classes, read their books, do their assignments and also embark on researches for their projects.

3. Wrong choice of course : Students who end up studying wrong choice of course would definitely not be happy with the course and this could affect their performances during the examinations. Most students tend to be given a related course or sometimes a far related course than what they applied for when they fail to reach the cut-off mark for the course.

When this happens, they are sometimes compelled to study the course because they are left with little no choice at all leading to them avoiding classes or finding it difficult to read which causes them to fail their examinations.

4. Finance : This is a huge factor that affects university students much and the disheartening fact about this is that the students most times are not entirely at fault here. When a student is facing financial problems, it affects them in all aspects both mentally, physically and psychologically.

The student would not be able to purchase books, practical materials and may also find feeding a little bit difficult. All these distract the student and prevent him/her from preparing hard for examinations.

5. Poor reading mechanism : Some students still don’t know what kind of reading technique works for them and unfortunately it affects their performances unknowingly.

While some students grasp the knowledge when the lecturer is explaining, some also understand the topic when they get home and some have to study the topic for weeks before they finally understand. As a student, you should know what reading technique suits you and stick to it.

6. Poor teaching technique : In this case, the focus is on the tutor who is teaching the student.

Some tutors don’t know the best technique on how to impact the knowledge on students and this affects their performances during exams because they won’t be able to understand what the lecturer was teaching.

7. Poor time management : This can also be associated with procrastination. Some students don’t know how to manage their time very well and set their priorities right.

They while away the time they are supposed to use for reading and when it’s getting close to the exam period, they start rushing and struggling to get ready. This causes them to miss the vital points that would be essential to ace the examinations.

8. Inability to read vastly -Reasons student fail examinations: Excellent students are those who read beyond the scope the lecturer has mapped out in the classroom.

To be able to do excellently in your examinations, you should endeavor to read more books on that topic so you can have more understanding and hence give you the ability to do well in the examinations.

9. Peer influence: It is no news that the kind of friends you keep affects you either in a positive way or in a negative way. As a student, if you keep friends that are very serious and know the reason why they are in school, there is every tendency that you would perform well just like them.

Contrarily, if you associate with friends who don’t take their studies seriously, you might be forced to join them leading to your poor performance in exams.


10. Lots of activities : When a student is involved in lots of extra activities, there would be little or no time to study which would lead to poor performance during examinations.

While preparing for exams, endeavor to cut off most activities that would hinder your success and focus on the most important thing at hand -passing your exams.

I’m well convinced that you must have learnt a thing or two regarding why university students fail examinations. If you are a student, it’s possible that you must have found one or two points that relate to you. Don’t feel down but instead identify these factors in your academic life and try to find solutions to them.

If you ever need to talk to someone about your academic struggle, don’t hesitate to send us vial mail and we promise to get back to you.

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