System Crash!!! Viral Causes and how to prevent


You must have heard little about system crash before now, I know. You feel I am referring to an accident? At least in this case, totally wrong!!! Many people are not really informed about this subject. That’s the reason, I made this research. In this write up, I will like to share my knowledge on this with you.

What is a system crash?

A system crash is actually an irregularity in a computer that arises due to conditions in which a program suddenly ends its execution and exits. These programs normally include application software or operating system (OS). In some situations, the program in question might freeze in anticipation of the crash report and all the facts concerning the crash. The crash reporting service presents the information about the crash and its full details. Depending on the importance of the system program that crashed, the whole computer system might crash leading to what is referred to as Fatal System Error.

Causes of system crash

System crash does not automatically produce itself on the computer. It results from some actions. These actions result from the following:


RAM is Random Access Memory. When the RAM of a computer system is defective, there is room for many more problems to creep in. The malfunctions resulting from the problems generated can develop into eventual system crash. The symptoms of these malfunctions mostly include the inability to completely boot the system and the dangerous blue screen error.  There are several software programs that enable that particular defective section of the RAM to be discovered. After the discovery, that section should be detached and substituted for a problem-free one.


A lot of processes and operations are carried out on the hardware part of the computer .This is to enable the computer system to function effectively as it was programmed to. In some instances, several parts of a system might want to carry out similar processes at the same time. Hence, they might conflict since only one element can only use a portion at a time. Since only one element uses the available resource, the other one is left out. If the neglected process is important, the system will definitely crash. A new program might be installed just before the crash. A way to diagnose the possible cause of the crash is to uninstall that program and see if the problem continues.


A crash might result from an exposure of the computer system to corrupt software. On exposure to this, the computer might get corrupted by infected files. These files might introduce virus to the computer system. A good preventive measure to this cause is to ensure the security of your computer software. To this effect, good antivirus software should be installed and utilized on the computer system.


Another possible cause of system crash is a faulty hard drive. I think this problem can be prevented by the use of some measures. You can prevent your hard disk drive from developing faults by preventing it from getting full. Apart from that, you can also do your best possible to empty your recycle bin regularly. Doing these, you will successfully free good space on your hard disk drive. As a bonus, your hard drive will be fast because there will be enough space on its memory.

  • HEAT

Computers have a way of generating serious heat especially when they are used for a long duration without a break. Due to this heat, manufacturers have incorporated a cooling system into the system. The cooling system includes fans and vents for heat expelling. A system crash may result from the computer‘s measure to protect its interior elements from heat damage. Also, don’t forget to ensure that the fans and vents work properly.


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