Study tips is quite necessary to pass any exam easily. You have to learn by taking Study tips and  techniques from people that are currently on that level.  Speaking of experience, i am currently on a first class, that means that i have passed so many exams with my study tips. Oh yeah, i am your guardian angel. So, read up my study tips and thank me later. Apart from reading, you have practice this and get find some motivation within you. So many students ask me how i have been able to maintain my first class GPA from my 100 level till now. So, i feel like this knowledge is worth sharing. So, lets get started.

50 magic study tips to pass any exam

• Be Focused.
• Don’t be over confident.
• Be disciplined.
• Learn to prioritize.
• Don’t procrastinate.
• Understand yourself.
• Trust yourself.
• Self esteem and confidence.
• Be prepared.
• Be ready.
• Don’t do last minute preparation.
• Don’t do kangaroo preparation.
• Don’t be haunted by past failures.
• Convert your Fs to As.
• Increase your reading capacity.
• Don’t compare yourself with others.
• Proper planning.
• Prepare early.
• Don’t miss classes.
• Be attentive in class.
• If you miss lectures, then ask for notes.
• Be determined.
• Prepare well.
• Don’t miss classes.
• Don’t store work n projects.
• Play hard.
• Learn group work.
• Interact with others.
• Eat well.
• Get past questions.
• Manage your time properly.
• Be an all rounder.
• Community service.
• Don’t leave your talents
• Learn from your seniors.
• Don’t be proud.
• Learn from others mistake.
• Be open to new ideas.
• Always ask questions.
• Don’t assume, find out.
• Learn to speak up.
• Be inquisitive.
• Learn about money.
• Strategize.
• Do your assignments well.
• Do your projects well.
• Avoid peer pressure.
• Choose your friends well.
• Have a clique with same interests.
• Find mentors.
• Attend related seminars.
• Try to m International standards
• Get related skills.
• Watch related videos.
• Research online.


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