The RAM capacity of a phone is one specification that you don’t want to overlook. It determines to a great extent, the speed of that particular phone.


The RAM is an acronym for Random Access Memory. The RAM capacity available on a phone is the space available for it to run its different processes and applications. The space available on the RAM is consumed partly by the Operating System of the device to enable it run smoothly. The remaining part is used for storing applications as soon as they are launched on the device.  In the modern times, there are very many available applications. As a result, there is the tendency for a smartphone user to run two or more applications simultaneously. Depending on the capacity of the RAM, the applications will run at a certain speed.  Do you understand?


With larger RAM capacity, these apps will run faster and smoother. Furthermore, there will also be more effective management of these applications.

As time goes by, the more frequently used applications get stored in the RAM. This storage is to enable them to be loaded from the Random Access Memory. Loading from the Random Access Memory instead of the main memory will enable applications to be loaded faster. Hence, the apps are loaded at the shortest time possible. So reasoning logically, the larger the RAM capacity of a phone, the greater the number and size of applications that can be stored on it.

Also, phones with lower  capacities will only be able to accommodate few applications running in their background. Hence, loading the other applications that are not available on the RAM will be time consuming.


To run an Android Operating System, a phone with a capacity of at least 2GB  should be used. This is to prevent the phone from hanging and other failures. Phones with 1GB should be avoided because they will be unable to handle a good number of applications running. This is because the operating systems of most android smartphones normally consume an estimate of 600MB to run. Hence an inadequate space of about 400MB is left for the applications to use.  As a result, 2GB RAM phones are generally more expensive than those with 1GB RAM. In conclusion, I think the price difference is totally worth it.

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