Qualcomm is obviously at loggerheads with Apple. Earlier this year, Apple filled a billion dollar royalty lawsuit against them. Apple’s claim was that its rival made money from licensing its rights to technology producers. I alleged that it was charging it for patents that were none of their business.  These included Camera parts, TouchID and display boards. The iPhone makers also charge them  for price increase through its licensing form.

Now, they are coming at Apple in a new dimension.  The chipmaker has filed a legal case against Apple asserting that it does not appreciate the value of its technology. Qualcomm claims that Apple would have been unable to manufacture the Iphone franchise that brought in great profits to the company without its dependence on Qualcomm’s basic cellular skills. Qualcomm executive VP and General Counsel Rosenberg added that after years of notable growth, Apple has refused to recognize the essential value of its technologies.

In particular, Qualcomm also accused Apple of violating their agreements and negotiations. Also, they claimed that Apple got in the way of their partners that built the iPhone, IPad and others that make use of Qualcomm licenses. The company is currently seeking damages from Apple over pending payments for technology used in iPhones.



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