How to make your phone battery last longer like a pro


Making your phone battery last longer is not a difficult task at all. In all mobile phones, one very delicate feature taken into serious consideration is the battery power. This is because of the fear of that particular phone’s battery running down at short intervals. To be honest, in android phones, there is every tendency for the battery to run empty quickly, not because the batteries are of poor quality all the time (could be the case in some instances), but as a result of the numerous processes that operate at the same time, which draws a huge amount of power as a consequence of pressure exerted on the phone’s processor.

The thought of this could be terrifying but you need not worry. There are ways the rate at which the battery drains can be curtailed and reduced considerably:

  1. Put off Wi-Fi and data connections

They consume some percentage of the phone’s battery, so it is better to turn both off when not in use to help save some useful energy. This will help your phone battery last longer.

  1. Reduce the display brightness to the barest minimum.

This is a reasonable step to take, that’s if you don’t have issues with your sight. It is a known fact that brightness of the display is in direct proportion to the percentage of the battery the display needs to keep on.

Leaving your phone’s  display at the maximum all the time might lead to overheating and this will reduce the battery life eventually. This will help your phone battery last longer.

  1. Select the Shortest Time option in your screen timeout. 

In the settings of most phones, if not every, there is a part u can control the time it takes for the display to go off when the screen is unoccupied. Reduce this to the shortest available option and you will save yourself some percentage of your battery.

  1. Turn off the GPS.

Location services by and large consume a large percentage of battery when they are turned on.

Turning them off when they are not needed, can help curtail the battery use.

Also deny unnecessary applications access to your phone’s location.This will help your phone battery last longer.

  1. Don’t use moving images as your wallpaper.

The use of moving images on your phone wallpaper will drain your battery faster than the static ones. I’ll advise you use the static ones.This will help your phone battery last longer.

  1. Turn off automatic updates on your phone.

Updating every application on your phone automatically when new updates are presented will not help situations mainly when your phone battery is already low. Applications can be updated manually instead when you are ready or when you are connected to Wi-Fi.

  1. Take out Vibrations.

Do away with vibrations where possible. To illustrate my point, most of us select the “vibrate and ring” option in our profiles without taking our batteries into concern. The phone requires a lot of energy to carry out this utility, in the process, a lot of power is drained.

At times, android phones might vibrate nonstop; the best thing to do to save the moment is to take out the battery of the phone. When you power on the phone after this, you’ll noticed the battery has reduced drastically. This proves my point. 

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