Make Your Data Plan Last Longer with this amazing tricks


Making your data plan last longer is one thing everybody wants to do.  Actually the truth is the rate at which  data is consumed when browsing is mainly dependent to how often a user surfs the internet and downloads, it is also dependent on the time the user spends on each visit and the speed of the network. For fast networks, the data available burns out at a high-speed (almost at the speed of light…lol).  This can be frustrating particularly when your data plan is unlimited and you have to subscribe repeatedly but you can’t expect your plans to last for long when you are constantly downloading one thing or another.

Conversely, there are little tips you can use to help your data plan data plan last longer.

  1. Disable automatic updates of applications over mobile network.

You can help your data plan last longer if you do this. There is always the tendency to have a large number of applications especially on the present android devices. You can actually save yourself some cost if you update these applications over Wi-Fi only.

  1. Efficiently manage your data usage.

To make your data plan last longer, you can actually take time to go through the data usage in your settings to see how much data is consumed by each application. These will guide you to use the applications that are necessary and take out those that are not.

  1. Put off mobile data when it’s not required

The mobile data should be switched off especially when it is not in use. This will temporarily put an end to the consumption of data by applications that run in the background.

  1. Download applications that save data

Some applications like Chrome and Opera mini provide options to help save data when you browse with them. The use of these applications will help your data plan last for longer periods.

  1. Disable auto play videos

Disabling auto play videos on Face book will help curtail data consumption. This can be done easily in the account settings.




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