Make your Laptop battery last longer with these quick hacks


Making your Laptop battery last longer is not as hard as it seems. We’ve all experienced that awkward moment when we want to perform that very important task and the  laptop battery is on the verge of running down, can be quite frustrating and really annoying. I sure know that feeling.

At other times, we just watch the laptop battery percentage reduce so rapidly, especially when there’s no AC outlet around or the power adapter is not available. The good news is, there  are some actions we can actually take to help save the situation so that the deadline can be met or the reply to that important  email can be sent  , though this will not avert the situation entirely, in other words, the battery will eventually run down but this will help reduce the rate at which power is being consumed. It will not increase the power.

Below are few steps we can take,

  1. Put the laptop in POWER SAVING mode to make your laptop battery last longer: Many computers have a battery saver mode that has been designed for urgent situations like this.  In the battery saver mode, the computer automatically makes some changes in the settings. For example, the brightness of the display screen might be reduced to certain level amongst others. Different components are shifted into low-power states to enable more operations to be carried out. Also, you might want to vary other settings to decrease power consumption rate, turn off devices not in use,  close unwanted apps and stop unnecessary processes.
  2. Vary other Settings to make your laptop battery last longer: Other settings should be varied to suit less power consumption. Just to explain what I mean, the backlighting of the keyboard should be turned off totally. Though the screen need to be on to carry out operations, the amount of power it consumes can  be reduced by decreasing its brightness, this can be done easily from the control panel.  So doing, we increase the length of the time the battery gets to last. The volume of sound should be reduced or turn off totally to buy more time.
  3. Avoid multitasking to make your laptop battery last longer: Multitasking as a concept, means performing different operations on a computer at the same time .Although it can be really helpful because it gets jobs done faster, its puts pressure on the processor, hence more power is used. Hence, it should be avoided at critical battery situations. It is safer to single task at this moment.
  4. Avoid power consuming applications to make your laptop battery last longer: Some applications in the computer consume more than power than others in their operations. In low battery situations, simpler applications should be used to perform activities. This is because most complex applications with a lot of complicated feature drawn more power than their simpler counterparts.
  5. Deactivate unnecessary peripherals to make your laptop battery last longer: External hard drives, mouse, Printers (if not needed),PC cards modems, unconnected USB ports  should  be disabled. This should carefully done, note that the important components, Drives and devices should NEVER be disconnected as they are needed for the smooth running of the computer. This can be done successfully on the control panel of the computer.
  6. Close unnecessary applications and stop unnecessary processes:. Close all unnecessary icons due to their power consumptions including the hidden ones. Close all unnecessary programs to extend the life of the laptop battery.
  7. Turn off all WiFi and Bluetooth connections to make your laptop battery last longer.
  8. Turn off all planned tasks to make your laptop battery last longer.
  9. Turn off auto save options in word applications.

All the listed steps help reduce power consumption and conserve your battery.

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