Browsing Cheat 2020 for all networks


Browsing cheat 2020 has shown up now.

It is safe to say that you are looking for  free Browsing cheat 2020 codes with boundless information downloads 2020? Here I have shared most free Browsing cheat. You can utilize these cheats to download boundless games and movies. In the event that you are an admirer of free Browsing cheat, you can visit my blog every now and then to get update and what’s going on.

•             MTN Free Data N100 For 1GB

o             How To Check Eligibility

•             How To Activate Free Data On MTN – Enjoy 1GB For N100

•             Latest MTN Free Browsing Cheat Working Perfect

•             Latest MTN Free Browsing Cheat With Tweakware VPN

•             MTN Free Browsing Cheat Codes With Unlimited Data Downloads 2020

•             Mtn Free Browsing Code Using Psiphon Handler

•             MTN Free Internet Trick Using HeaderTun VPN

•             How To Accumulate MTN MyApp Data And Enjoy MTN Unlimited Free Internet

•             Checkout Other Networks Free Browsing Cheats

MTN Free Data N100 For 1GB

Step by step instructions to Check Eligibility

•             Make sure you don’t have up to N100 credit in your telephone.

•             Now dial *131*100#

•             You will be ask to acknowledge auto renewal or to buy in once as appeared in the  menu.

•             Kindly, accept the offer that you want. If you get an insufficient balance reply you are eligible or a message like this “Y’ello! You are not eligible for this offer. Please dial *131*1# to buy other data bundles. Thank you”

•             If eligible go ahead recharge N100 airtime and get it activated.

Instructions to Activate Free Data On MTN – Enjoy 1GB For N100

Now let’s get the data activated

•             Recharge N100  airtime/Credit

•             Now dial *131*100# to subscribe

•             The given data is valid for one month.

•             To check your balance dial *131*4#

Congrats appreciate free data on your MTN sim. Please don’t forget to share with friends. If the cheat didn’t work for you, checkout other cheats below, they are working fine.

Most recent MTN Free Browsing Cheat Working Perfect

Here is the trending and another opportunity to enjoy free data from MTN. This cheat is tested and approved. It is 100% working although it selects sim cards.

Although this cheat is capped to 50mb, so I will be showing you how you can enjoy this new MTN free browsing cheat 2020.

•             Download 24clan VPN CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

•             Install the application and open.

Once it is open, select MTN 0.0k Free server.

•             Now click on connect button and enjoy free Internet once it is connected.

•             Now that it is connected, minimize and enjoy your free 50mb days.

Browsing cheat 2020 MTN Free Browsing Cheat With Tweakware VPN

•             Download Tweakware CLICK HERE, Install and open it.

•             Navigate to Settings > Custom Tweak > and apply the following settings:

Connection Mode: HTTP

Server Port: 8080

Host Header:

Don’t tick Reverse Proxy

Proxy Host:

Proxy Port: 8080

Don’t touch other settings

•             Return back to the homepage and select any free server from the custom box. Now click on connect and enjoy free Internet with your tweakware VPN.

MTN Free Browsing Cheat Codes With Unlimited Data Downloads 2020

Below are working MTN data cheat 2019, it is tested and approve…

Mtn Free Browsing Code Using Psiphon Handler

Here is how you can enjoy MTN free data and unlimited download

• Download and install Pisphon Handle, Click here

• Open the app and effect the follow changes:

Check Remove port box

Select Proxy type: Dual Real Host

Choose Proxy server:

Set Real proxy type: HTTP

Select Real proxy port: 80

• Save settings and navigate to home page. Select USA as region then click CONNECT.

Simple, isn’t it? Once it is connected. Enjoy MTN free browsing cheat. This cheat has not be capped. This implies that it is unlimited only for MTN users.

Please use sim card that her zero data and airtime balance. Use the social media icon below and share this article with family and friends. It might help them.

Browsing cheat 2020 MTN Free Internet Trick Using HeaderTun VPN

f the above MTN Free Browsing Cheat Codes With Unlimited Data Downloads did work for you. Don’t worry, here is another hot MTN free Internet cheat. You can use this method to enjoy free data on your MTN sim. If you have been hoping and thinking – how you can enjoy MTN free data bonus? Ooops… here is how to tweak it.

•             Download HeaderTun VPN, install and open it. Click here to download

•             Navigate to Stealth settings, click it to turn it on.

Then apply the following settings

Select Connection Protocol: TCP

Choose Connection Port: 8080

Click Connect via Parent Proxy: Tick it


Port: 80 and click OK

Select Custom TCP/HTTp Headers: Enable

Host: click here for host

Choose Request Method: Connect

Set Injection Method Normal: Normal

Click Online Host: Tick

Then Generate and then save

•             Now go ahead and save the settings. Go back to home page of the VPN and click on connect.

Congratulations You can now enjoy free browsing cheat on your MTN sim, remember to share with friends.

How To Accumulate MTN MyApp Data And Enjoy MTN Unlimited Free Internet

Maybe you have heard of MTN myapp. This is an official MTN app that allows you to buy data, airtime and do other transactions using your MTN sim. MTN gives you 500MB when you download the app and register your new sim card.

I know by now you will be wondering how MTN my app to enjoy MTN Free Browsing Cheat Codes With Unlimited Data Downloads?

Don’t work, I will be showing you how you can accumulate the 500MB data using one sim card. Imagine if you accumulate the 500MB for 25 times….

That’s 500 X 25 = 12,500MB = 12.5GB

owooo that cool… Let’s get started

•             Download MTN myapp, login using the new sim card. An otp (one time password will be sent to you for account verification.

•             Enter the numbers and click on verify.

•             Now you will get a pop up message on the app, a welcome message. If this did not happen then the number have been used before. Therefore this cheat wouldn’t work.

•             At the app home page, CLICK TO ACTIVATE. Repeat this on the sim ( Repeated Click on Click to activate) , any delay will stop the date accumulation. This implies that, you should continue to click as fast as possible.

NOTE: You are set to accumulate the data, now set your phone network to 3G. Unless this cheat wouldn’t work.

Send 2 to 131 to check your data plan balance.

Enjoy free browsing cheat on your MTN sim. Remember to share this article with friends and family.

Requirements For Enjoying Free Internet Tricks in 2020

•             Your Android Phone

•             You may also need a PC

•             An MTN SIM

•             A Glo SIM

•             An Airtel SIM

•             9Mobile SIM

•             Cell C SIM

•             MTN SA SIM

•             Digicell SIM

•             Flow SIM

•             Telkom

•             Vodafone SIM

•             Safaricom SIM

•             3G or 4G network

•             Tunneling apps, (you can download VPN apps)

•             Sometimes working configuration files are needed.

These are the basic things you need to get started. Make sure you have a SIM card for your country.

So what are the currently working cheats this year?

As far as the year 2020 is concerned, below are the currently working cheats for the popular networks in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Indonesia, Jamaica, India, Kenya, Philippines, Uganda etc.

Browsing cheat 2020

Airtel NG
Browsing cheat 2020

Browsing cheat 2020

9Mobile NG
Browsing cheat 2020

Here comes the latest 9mobile free browsing cheat 2020 with TLS Tunnel VPN config file. It can also be called “9mobile SocialPak 2.5GB cheat” because it’s tweaked from the popular 9mobile social pack plan. It’s an alternative to 9mobile 2.5GB SocialPak cheat with HTTP Injector app.

There are few free internet browsing cheats at the moment so I believe you will grab anyone you see now with both hands without thinking twice. So as you read further you will know more about this latest 9mobile cheat and how to set it up so that it works on your Android phone.

his latest 9mobile cheat is powered by an app called “TLS Tunnel”. The app is not really simple to configure if you are new to the tech cheat world so I have made it more simple by configuring and creating “config files” which you need to download and import on the app.

The config file contains all the settings that makes this cheat work so you have nothing to do on your part other than importing and hitting on “connect”.

9mobile SocialPak cheat has been around for some years now but with different features. For instance, there was a time it was just limited to 500mb with tweakware VPN but now it’s 2.5GB with TLSVPN.

When connected, this 9mobile free browsing cheat is fast and opens every app and web pages. However, it’s not totally a free cheat per se because you need to subscribe to the SocialPak plan first with little amount of money before using the VPN app to activate it just like the Glo unlimited cheat.

s This 9mobile SocialPak Cheat Unlimited?

You have unlimited access to any website with this cheat but the data is capped at 2.5GB hence the name “9mobile 2.5gb SocialPak cheat”. So if you exhaust the 2.5gb before the 30 day validity period, your browsing section will end until you subscribe again and activate the cheat.

The cheat is useful because instead of getting the regular 500MB with N350, you now get 2.5gb for same N350 price. Isn’t it wonderful? I know it is.

Requirements For 9mobile Free Browsing Cheat 2020

•             Your Android Phone

•             Your 9mobile SIM

•             Stable 4G or 3G network

•             9mobile SocialPak one month subscription (costs 350 Naira)

•             TLS Tunnel VPN (download now)

•             Use 9mobile APN settings from this post

•             TLS Config files (download it as you scroll down or request for the latest Config

Download TLS Tunnel VPN Config Files for 9mobile 2.5gb SocialPak Free Browsing Cheat

We have created and uploaded working configuration files for 9mobile SocialPak cheat which comes in two versions – 2GB Config file and 500MB config file. Just download and use them using these Links below;

How to Activate 9mobile SocialPak 2.5GB Cheat

1.            Recharge 350 Naira and dial *200*3*3*2*3# to subscribe to 9mobile social media monthly plan. Ensure sure you select One-off when subscribing.

2.            Then dial *228# to confirm subscription status and check your 500Mb balance. Note that the 2GB is a hidden data which can only be activated with TLS Tunnel VPN.

3.            Next, download the 9mobile SocialPak 2GB and 9mobile 500MB updated .tls config files from the download links above.

4.            Proceed to TLS Tunnel VPN main page for Config validity after importing a file, (read further to know how to import tls config files).

That’s how to subscribe or activate 9mobile socialme or SocialPak plan. Now let’s proceed to import the .tls configuration files.

How To Import TLS Tunnel Config File

•             Launch TLS Tunnel appThen tap on the three(3) dotted located at the top-right corner.

•             Click on Import/Export


•             Then tap on Import Config and locate the 9mobile SocialPak config file from the folder you downloaded it in and tap on it to import.

•             Lastly, tap Start to connect. It will connect within 10 seconds.

•             Now, open any of your web browsers or app to start enjoying free browsing.

I hope you enjoy this 9mobile free browsing cheat this year 2020.


•             The cheat is not unlimited but capped at 2.5gb

•             It valid for one month

•             You can do multiple subscription

•             It requires stable internet signal to work

•             It powers every app and web browsers.

Browsing cheat 2020 9mobile Free Browsing Cheat With 2.5GB Injector Config File

Use below guidelines to get started and enjoy free browsing on 9mobile.

1.            First of all, recharge your SIM or make sure you have at least N350 in your SIM.

2.            Activate 9mobile Social Media only plan by dialing *200*3*3*2*3#. This plan costs 350 Naira and valid for 30 days (one month). While subscribing, ensure you choose ‘One-off.’

3.            Dial *228# to see the 500Mb balance. Remember, the additional 2GB is a hidden data which we can only be used with a VPN. In this case, http injector.

4.            Now download 9mobile SocialPak 2GB and 500MB ehi files also provided above.

5.            Then download http injector from the link provided under “requirements” and open the app.

How to Correctly Import Config File On HTTP Injector Vpn

Here is how to easily a d correctly import any config file on http injector app.

1.            Once HTTP Injector VPN app is opened, tap on the “Paper icon” located at the top-right corner

2.            Tap on “Import Config” and look for “9mobile SocialPak config file” from file manager and tap on it to import.

3.            Once the Config is successfully imported, tap “Start” to connect. Connection should establish before ten seconds.

Make sure you tick the two boxes as shown below.


•             It’s recommended you use the 2GB Config file first before using the 500Mb Config file. Also, clear Settings/Data before importing a new Config file to http injector to avoid errors as can be seen from the screenshot below.

•             The cheat is capped at 2.5GB so it’s not unlimited.

•             The subscription and cheat is valid for 1 month.

•             You can accumulate the data by doing multiple subscriptions.

•             Download speed is pretty fast now than last month.

•             Also it connects faster this month with this new config.

•             You need 350 Naira to subscribe for a 9mobile SocialPak plan which triggers this cheat.

South Africa Free Browsing Cheat 2020

MTN is one of the popular network in South Africa with several data bundles options but some few residents in this country still want a way to access the web without paying a dime or paying very little. But you may be asking whether it’s possible to enjoy free internet in South Africa and the answer is YES. This is because, from time to time, we discover some loopholes in the MTN SA network which can be tweaked either with a VPN like HTTP Injector or with an IMEI to get the free browsing cheat.

Contents  hide

1 Was MTN SA Free Browsing Cheat Blocked?

2 What Is HTTP Injector VPN?

3 What Is HTTP Injector Config File?

4 How Can I Get Latest HTTP Injector File for MTN Free Browsing Cheat in South Africa

5 HTTP Injector MTN Cheat for South Africa

6 Requirements For Enjoying MTN SA Free Internet 2020

7 Download Latest HTTP Injector Config Files For MTN SA Free Browsing Cheat 2020

8 How To Import HTTP Injector Config

Was MTN SA Free Browsing Cheat Blocked?

Yes towards the last quarter of 2019, MTN SA blocked the cheat so many HTTP injector config files that were uploaded then didn’t work again. But the good news in this year 2020 is that MTN Cheat is back and working again but with a different config file which we have created and dropped in this telegram group. So if you are interested, you can join and request for latest Config that works in South Africa.

What Is HTTP Injector VPN?

According to Qoura, HTTP Injector is a professional tool to set custom HTTP header. It’s used to connect your SSH/Proxy with custom header and also it can access blocked websites behind firewall with SSH tunneling support & proxy server. More information about HTTP Injector and its uses can be read in my previous article.

What Is HTTP Injector Config File?

Known as “configuration file”, HTTP Injector Config is a pre-configured settings exclusively for this VPN which can be exported into the app to unlock all web pages on the internet hence enjoying free internet browsing in South Africa or any other country.

This makes it very easy for everyone to tweak and enjoy because there is no technical settings on your part except the installation of the imported config file.

How Can I Get Latest HTTP Injector File for MTN Free Browsing Cheat in South Africa

I have updated this post with latest Config files for South Africa free internet tricks. However, to make this cheat last longer, I have decided not to publicly upload the config file for everyone to download from here. This is because if it’s readily available, there is a high chance it will get blocked fast.

Requirements For Enjoying MTN SA Free Internet 2020

1 Mtn-SA mobile SIM card

2 http injector V4.31 (download here)

3 Android smartphone

4 HTTP Injector freenet config file

Download Latest HTTP Injector Config Files For MTN SA Free Browsing Cheat 2020
Browsing cheat 2020

How To Import HTTP Injector Config

•             Download http injector app from the link provided above

•             Install the app on your Android device

•             Then request for the configuration file by joining a free internet telegram group and requesting for new config file.

•             Next, open the HTTP Injector VPN app and tap the top right corner and select import config file

•             Now locate the free net config and select import

•             After importing, turn Mobile data on (if it’s off)

•             Finally, tap on CONNECT and it should establish connection in few seconds.

NOTE: This South Africa Free Net is limited to just 400mb but it’s fast and opens every app and web pages.

You can get more than 400MB cap by using multiple MTN SA sim cards. That is, once you have used up 400 MB from one SIM for the day, you remove it and insert another MTN SIM and import another Config file to continue browsing.

Repeat this procedure everyday to enjoy unlimited free browsing.

Uganda Internet Tricks
Browsing cheat 2020

There is a new MTN Free Internet Browsing Trick in Uganda working via HTTP Injector app. This cheat is tweak from the MTN Tidal Music Promo for subscribers in Uganda meaning that you will be able to enjoy free browsing with your MTN SIM on your Android device and PC.

Recall that MTN tidal promo is an offer which gives you access to free 30 days access on the tidal music network, to stream your favorite music by your favorite artists on the tidal music streaming network but you can also utilize the opportunity by applying the settings on this blog to power all apps on your Android phone with Tidal Promo data (MB).


The procedure is simple, all you need is to follow the instructions below to get going with the MTN Free Browsing Cheat For Ugandans Via Http Injector, Tidal Promo


•             An MTN sim card with no data or Airtime inside

•             Your Android smartphone

•             A stable 3G or 4G network

•             Download HTTP Injector App

•             Get your free Tidal Music Promo 30 days subscription plus mobile internet data by dialing *165*66#

Browsing cheat 2020

1.            Download Http Injector from the links provided above

2.            Download the MTN Uganda Tidal promo Ehi file Here

3.            After that, locate the Http Injector app on your phone and Launch it

4.            Now, tap on a folder like a box, near the gear icon

5.            That’s how to use this cheat on any android smartphone but assuming you want to connect it to your PC and enjoy the free browsing on your Windows PC, simply follow below procedures.


7.            Normally, it’s not possible to share VPN internet to PC directly unless you apply certain tricks or use a third-party app meant for that purpose. In this case, you may download and use PdaNet or Tethernet apps. They work perfectly for this and allow you share your VPN internet cheat with your PC flawlessly.

Indian Free Browsing Tricks

Things Needed

•             Your Airtel Bharti sim card with 0.00kb data and call credit

•             Your Android device or PC

•             Your Tunneling app (download Psiphon here)

•             Strong 3G or 4G network service

•             The configuration settings

•             PdaNet (for using it on PC)

•             Default Airtel APN Settings

•             Psiphon Settings For Airtel India Free Internet Trick 2019

•             Install the Psiphon handler app you downloaded from the link provided above

•             Open the app and apply below settings appropriately

  Remove port: Tick it

  Proxy type: Real host

  Custom Header: X-Online-Host

  Proxy Server:

  Real Proxy: No Proxy

•             Now click on SAVE to save the settings and then CONNECT.

•             Your VPN will connect after few seconds and you should be able to see the key icon at the notification bar of your phone which signals you are connected and free to browse.

Indonesia Free Internet Cheats

Things Needed To Enjoy This Free Internet Trick

•             Your Telkomsel Indonesia simcard (also called Telkom SIM)

•             Your Android, iPhone or PC

•             AnonyTun VPN app

•             Use default Telkomsel APN settings

•             Little money for musicmax data subscription to unlock free net.

Once the requirements above is met, follow below instructions to setup your AnonyTun VPN for this free internet browsing cheat.

AnonyTun Settings For Telkomsel Free Internet Trick in Indonesia

Browsing cheat 2020

1.            Download AnonyTun app from the link provided above

2.            Subscribe to Telkomsel MusicMax

3.            After subscribing to MusicMax, open your tunnelling app ad apply these settings:

4.            Proxy:, or (anyone of them works)

5.            Port: 443

6.            After that, SAVE the settings and tap on CONNECT

7.            Finally, allow the VPN some seconds to establish connection and once that is done, simply minimize your and open any app to enjoy free unlimited access.

Philippine Free
Browsing cheat 2020

SUN Philippines Free Internet Browsing Trick Via SecureTun VPN


•             A SUN Philippine sim card with zero data and call credit

•             An Android device, iOS or PC

•             Your SecureTun VPN (download here) or use any other tunneling app of your choice like Netify and Psiphon Handler

•             The configuration settings

•             Use the default APN configuration for SUN network. You don’t need to change it.

Browsing cheat 2020      Procedures To Configure SUN Philippines Free Internet Browsing Trick

1. First, download SecureTun VPN app from the link provided above

2. Install the app on your Android phone and launch it

3. Next tap on Stealth Settings and then turn it on

4. Now apply this configuration:

•             Connection Protocol: SSL

•             Connection Port: 443

•             Advanced SSL settings: Enable and then edit it

•             True SSL (Anti DPI): Tick it

•             Spoof Host Port: Tick It

•             Spoof Host:

•             Port: 443

Once you have completed this step, just head over to the next step below.

5. Tap on OK and then SAVE.

6. Finally, return to app menu and click on CONNECT and enjoy free unlimited Internet access in Philippines.

Ghana Free Browsing Cheat

Requirements for Ghana Free Internet Tricks

•             Android phone

•             MTN Gh SIM card

•             Tigo Gh SIM

•             Vodafone Gh SIM

•             Airtel Gh SIM

•             Glo Gh SIM

•             SM Tunnel VPN app (get it here 2.7mb)

•             HTTP Injector app (get it here)

•             AnonyTun app

•             Stable 3G or 4G network

•             SM Tunnel VPN Settings for MTN Ghana Free Browsing Cheat 2020

Follow below steps to setup and configure the app for free internet cheat in Ghana.

1.            First install SM Tunnel VPN app from the above link under “requirements”.

2.            Make sure your data service is switched on.

3.            Then launch the SM Tunnel app.

4.            Click on the Settings symbol.

5.            Enable stealth tunnel VPN ON

6.            Now configure this way:

  Connection Protocol: TCP

  Connection Port: 8080 or 80

  Connect via Parent Proxy: Don’t tick it

  Custom TCP/HTTP Headers: Enable

Host: www….youtube….com or any of kwese, DSTV, etc URL

  Request Method: Post

  Injection Method: Normal

  Online Host: Tick?

  Keep-Alive: Tick

  User-Agent: Tick

  Generate, Validate and then Save

  Advance SSL Settings: Don’t Tick

  Now click SAVE in the Stealth Settings

Ghana Free Browsing Cheat for All Networks

In case you need other Ghana network tricks such as Tigo cheat, Vodafone cheat, Glo cheat or airtel cheat, just follow the below instructions and you will unlock the door of unlimited free browsing with your Android phone and even PC.

All you need to do now is download an app called HTTP Injector from the link already provided above in this post.

Bonus Free Internet Cheats
Browsing cheat 2020

SIMO App Free Data Cheat (WORKING)
Browsing cheat 2020

With SIMO app installed in your phone, you will be getting free internet data on weekly basis amounting over 50GB. SIMO app is a new innovation which works as a virtual SIM card, meaning that with SIMO in your phone you can browse the internet even without a physical SIM card in your phone.

Download SIMO app now. It’s currently available in India, Nigeria, South Africa and Europe but supported phones are limited as it only works on Tecno Camon 12, Camon 12 Pro, Camon 12 Air, WIKO Tommy3, WIKO Tommy3 Plus, and Bluboo S3 smartphones. Though Simowireless company hinted that more devices will be supported soon as its main intention is to launch an affordable internet data services in these countries.

The Simo internet services is being test-run since last year and I have enjoyed over 50 GB worth of free data through the app. So if you are using anyone of the supported phones, why not install SIMO app now and enjoy free data.


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