Androids over android iPhones Battle: See Why Android


Android iphones and androids both have their advantages and disadvantages. These days, a very high percentage of phones sold out are androids. This is because of the large extent to which they can be manipulated and their dynamic nature. iPhone, a product of Apple on the other hand is used by a selected  few. It is a product for those that can afford the luxury. iPhone has a huge number of applications that can be downloaded from Apple Store but outside these, other applications cannot be used on the phone. Both phones are unique in their own ways. We can take into consideration, the bases on which the selection is made. The bases on which the android is preferred is as follows:

  • Availability of widgets:

The modern day android allows for a lot of flexibility. In android devices, the freedom to select and manipulate your widgets to your taste knows no bound. You can do and undo as you please. You can even go as far as getting random themes and file explorers to customize the look of your screen. But in Apple phones, there is a serious limitation to the number of widgets you can have on your home and lock screen. This is due to the rigidity of the User interface. So I am sorry to burst your bubbles, your manipulation game plan on your iPhone is nothing but a joke. This is a reason choose android over android iphones.

  • Ease of File Transfer:

Recently, there are a lot of android applications that enable easy transfer of large files from a mobile device to another. Some of these applications even come with some androids on purchase. For Example, Flash Share for Tecno android phones. Other examples like Xender and Share it can be easily be downloaded from Google Play Store or other sources online and installed without stress on androids. They use WI-FI and hotspots to facilitate this transfer between android and devices like personal computer.

In iPhones, there are lots of restrictions; most times you end up transferring through whats app and other stressful means. These regular transfer applications cannot be installed on the phone. All applications that can be used on iPhones must be supported by Apple before it can run on the phone.This is a reason choose android over android iphones.

  • Presence of a Back Button:

In the iPhone, there is only one button which is the Home Button. Since there is no home button, the migration from one page to a previous one is unnecessarily nerve-racking. Unlike in the normal android phone, where is either a real or virtual back button to enable easy return to the previous page.This is a reason choose android over android iphones.

  • Large Screen Size:

iPhones in general does not usually have the largest of  screens, their screens are relatively small compared to those of their android counterparts. Hence, the android devices are preferred when it comes to viewing High Definition videos and playing graphics-intensive games.This is a reason choose android over android iphones.

  • Relatively Affordable:

The regular android is generally less expensive than an iPhone of similar or close specifications. Apple, the producer of iPhone is a very expensive brand and it designs for those that can afford the luxury.This is a reason choose android over android iphones.

  • Support for Multi-Window mode:

The most recent android versions support the multi window mode which allows seperate operations to be carried on different windows at the same time. Much flexibility is not available on the iPhone.This is a reason choose android over android iphones.

  • Presence of Headphone Jacks:

The regular 3.5mm headphone jacks are present in most regular androids, but this feature is unavailable in the latest modification of the iPhone. Hence music can only be played via the use of a pair of Bluetooth headphones or by other tricky means.This is a reason choose android over android iphones.


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